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MICHELLE OBAMA HORIFIED After Damning Footage Goes Viral

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  1. mike NOLAND says:

    “BY CHOICE?”””””””””” READ A BOOK O BITCH!,LIKE TRINITY BY LEON URIS, OR BARD by MORGAN LLYWELYN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, OR, LION OF IRELAND by SAME AS ABOVE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ALMOST ALL IRISH HERE WERE SLAVES or drove off there land by greedy land stealers ,!!!!!!!

  2. Toni Swanson says:

    Michelle seems to have to the propensity to throw out anything she thinks her audience wants to hear. The press probably will not note it and it will fly into space and these poor people will never know the truth

  3. Mary rey says:

    Dumb as, dirt a moron no interest in American history

  4. George says:

    Actually she is right. Our Founding Fathers were born in a British colony and were British citizens. Even when they declared their independence, the were still British citizens. If the revolution had failed, they would have been hung as traitors and British citizens. Keep in mind that only about a third of the British colonist supported independence from Britain.

  5. Sharon says:

    She should never be allowed to take part in that ceremony or any other like it again. She proved how very unfit she was to be first lady! She sure does know a LONG LONG LIST of the things she thinks are wrong with America and she and her husband fomented deadly hate all across this nation using that list.. I wish I never had to hear or see those two traitors again in this life.

  6. Richard D Gilleland says:

    And the media will glance over that small tidbit of information. If Melania had made the statement it would have been headlines in every major newspaper and cable news network. Oh well.

  7. TheProfessor says:

    poor pathetic transvestite

  8. RJ Ryan says:

    How could they have been born American when the United States of America didn’t exist until they signed the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson was a Virginian and a British citizen until the Declaration was signed!!!

  9. RJ Ryan says:

    P.s. Learn to spell!

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